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bsbMail is a suite of independently developed email collaboration system that made its debut in 2023 with the launch of the first AI email system in Country based on the self-developed AIbox. This innovative system integrates email, cloud storage, calendar, and address book applications to offer enterprises a secure, collaborative, stable, and reliable intelligent email office service. It revolutionizes email office management by providing smart data integration, intelligent email summaries, email polishing/rewriting, intelligent categorization and organization, smart scheduling adjustments, intelligent monthly reports, personalized recommendations, and other intelligent applications.

Today, bsbMail serves hundreds of large enterprises both domestically and internationally, catering to over 1 billion end-users. By offering free email accounts through, users can access a range of features such as secure communication, a selection of over 100 domain names, up to 10 mail addresses, seamless synchronization across devices, 65GB email storage capacity, among others. Embrace the perfect email solution for you – with, where security, customization, and efficiency converge. Sign up today for a superior email experience!


The system boasts rapid stability with a junk email interception rate exceeding 98%, ensuring a clutter-free inbox experience for users. Furthermore, the email capacity automatically doubles, providing ample space for storage and seamless communication management.

bsbMail is an online suite comprising multiple applications tailored for both business and personal use.